You carry your baby in a sling or in another carrying help in front  or back of your body.

You use your sling or carrying help with responsible knowledge to care the healthy of your child.

You like the nearness and, contemporaly, flexibility in space and time.

You know also the problem of the cold season:

If you sweat in moving, the baby has cold feet.

The solution is called :


FELIX PERA ® mit Tragetuch

FELIX PERA ® mit Tragetuch

  • is a jacket for you and your carryied child
  • consists of a jacket and a separate putting in, which you can zip in the front side or in the back  side of the jacket 
  • can be used also without the child and in the time of pregnancy
  • gives the possibility to use your carrying help all over the year
  • secures you and your baby from rain and wind by the outer shell made from laminated polyester 
  • protects from coldness by inner lines of polyester fleece
  • can be tighten with a cord inside under the sleeves to adapt the width to the age and size of the child.
  • gives a hood in the collar for the carryer
  • takes in big pocket swaddling-clothes and bottle


designed for my first child in the year 1991,
permanent used with 3 own children over 10 years ,
saved by patent and trademark in 2003 ,
produced in my workshop in Freiberg in Germany,
secured under the name  "FELIX PERA" (latin: lucky rucksack),
made in best handycraft.

FELIX PERA ® mit Glückskäfer oder Tragetuch

FELIX PERA ® ohne Kind

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